Copy just means writing or text. It's a tool which informs people about your product or service, engages them with it, and encourages them to take action. Quality copy is essential to making sales, attracting clients or just getting your brands message and voice across.

Rates for copywriting can be set hourly or by unit, depending on the project. Get in touch and find out how you can get great copy on your site or marketing materials for an affordable price.

Website Content

The words you have on your website do more than you might think. Good, relevant copy (and plenty of it) is important in search engine optimisation, bringing more eyes to your site. I can write clear, keyword-infused and quality content on home pages, blog posts, and anywhere else that will help you to be seen.

Blog posts

Blogs aren't just for those who live an instagrammable lifestyle and want to share it with the world. Blogs are important for businesses too, driving traffic to websites, establishing an expertise in a particular subject or field, developing customer relationships and engagement, and providing content for social media and advertising.  

Offline copy

Good old-fashioned paper still has a place in many businesses. If you need to get your message across with pamphlets, flyers, guides, or any other print media and aren't quite sure how to word it, I can help you out.